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The French call it amour pour la vie, the love for life. And it’s the best way to describe who we are,
what we believe in, and why our wines are made the way they are.
We have a zest for life and all that it offers. We celebrate life and want others to celebrate it too,
which is why we produce wine that evokes happiness and joy in every glass.

Every bottle of wine we produce serves up our love for life and living it fully.

DiscoverInnovative Wine Making

We are ardent wine makers.
We select only the finest fruit that South Africa’s historic Cape Winelands region has to offer. Our grapes come from the perfect combination of good soil, excellent climate, warm sunlight and cool breezes to ensure a distinctive character not found in other products. Our expert vinters blend them to embody that ideal experience for the nose and palate – our range offers something for everyone, from old French styles to modern fresh tastes.

IntroducingOur Grapes

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc grows extensively in South Africa. Robust grapes produce good quality wines in a variety of climates although vines are grown widely in the Stellenbosch region.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Developed from crossing Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon is South Africa’s most widely planted red grape, and the foundation for some of the world’s most celebrated wines.


Cinsaut grapes have a heat tolerance allowing them to stay on South African vines longer than most varietals. It is often blended with other grapes to add softness and bouquet to round off a quality blend.


This thin-skinned variety is one of the more difficult grapes to produce fine wine but of all the red grapes in South Africa, it is still the bestselling single varietal red wine.

Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is a black grape, traditionally used in Bordeaux-style blends. The varietal is relatively new to South Africa, only gaining popularity in the 1990s.


Pinotage is a uniquely South African grape varietal that has gained international acclaim and success, making it a true crown in the jewel of the local wine industry.


Shiraz grapes grow successfully in South Africa’s various climatic conditions and altitudes, with each region producing grapes with very specific and varied flavour profiles.


Tannat is high in tannin content and acidity so it’s grown in north-facing, full sun vineyards, close to the ground in order for the heat to break down the acids and create a softer, more rounded profile.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is an early-ripening white grape that grows in diverse regions of the South African Winelands, producing crisp, dry, and refreshing white wine.

AM VineyardsOur Vineyards

Growing and selecting the best grapes to create fine wine is a painstaking task, it requires love, hard work and a sense of humour. But it comes with a deeply rewarding feeling of accomplishment when a new blend is born from soil we’ve studied, grapes we’ve watched grow and selected with only the best traits.

Our FoundationFellowship

Our founders have been friends for more than two decades. A friendship based on mutual respect, shared values and beliefs. They’re both savvy in business with many successful endeavours to their names. They also share the same love for life, family and friends.
Their mutual passions brought them together into business with a clear vision to craft a range of wine representative of themselves, their history, their future, their audacious goals, their amour pour la vie.

For us making wine is not just a job,
it’s a way of life!

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Located on an scenic wine trails, our boutique wineries offer an unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

Delivering an enjoyable wine drinking experience to be shared with good friends, family and food.