What We Stand For


South Africa has over 300 years of wine-making history. The county is recognised globally for offering impressive styles and tastes. This is due to its transformative approach to the art, the development of its own cultivars and diverse growing landscapes that include world-famous vineyards in places like Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl, Hemel-en-Aarde, and others.

South African wine is celebrated and awarded as some of the world’s most exemplary, and our wine honours this history and tradition.

We ensure that our wines toast those who came before us but have crafted a unique range that represents new and exciting creativity to South African wine, that will continue to build on our country’s global reputation.


Our founders have been friends for more than two decades. A friendship based on mutual respect, shared values and beliefs. They’re both savvy in business with many successful endeavours to their names. They also share the same love for life, family and friends.

Their mutual passions brought them together into business with a clear vision to craft a range of wine representative of themselves, their history, their future, their audacious goals, their amour pour la vie.

Our range of fine wines is a flawless and authentic representation of our founders, individually and as a team.

“amour pour la vie”


We love wine as much as we love life.
For us, making wine is about creativity and optimism – the unique art of transforming a small round fruit into something else entirely.

For us, making wine is not just a job; it’s a way of life!

Growing and selecting the best grapes to create fine wine is a painstaking task, it requires love, hard work and a sense of humour. But it comes with a deeply rewarding feeling of accomplishment when a new blend is born from soil we’ve studied, grapes we’ve watched grow and selected with only the best traits.

The work we do provides us with a deeply gratifying life. We love the land, we love the vineyards and we love working with our remarkable teams who create magic in a bottle.

We love the challenge and satisfaction of being part of every step of our production process. And we
know that those who drink our wines will appreciate our mindful approach to their nose and palate but
also about how our wine makes them feel.

Our unique blends embrace a lot of life’s fun, and the result can be tasted in every bottle.