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Produces of Wine AM Vineyards

We areProducers of great wines

We’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, both for our business and also in how we produce our fine wines.
We pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest Cape grapes from vineyards that reflect our origins, and blend them with passion and creativity to create premium, pleasurable wines.
We’re focussed on continuing the evolution of South African wine making, ensuring that every bottle contains a bit of history but meets the desire of the modern palate.

What We Stand For

Amour pour le vie, the love for life

Produces of Wine AM Vineyards Pivoine Rose
What We Stand ForSouth Africa has over 300 years of wine-making history. The country is recognised globally for offering impressive styles and tastes. This is due to South Africa’s transformative approach to the art, the development of its own cultivars and diverse growing landscapes that include world-famous vineyards in places like Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl, Elgin, and others. Our wines are a tribute to those who came before us but we have crafted a unique range that represents new and exciting creativity to South African wine.
What We Stand ForWe recognise the responsibility we have, not only to the land on which our grapes grow, but also to everyone who works in the production of our exceptional wines, and the customers who choose them over many others. We’re producers who truly take care of our vineyards, their soil and surrounds, we appreciate the efforts of our farmers and genuinely care about the individual interests of all of our teams. For us, it’s important to work together towards providing maximum responsible input to ensure that our output is nothing but the best for everyone in our family. We truly appreciate the opportunity to give our consumers a taste of our honest love for life.
Produces of Wine AM Vineyards
What We Stand ForWe love wine as much as we love life. For us, making wine is about creativity and optimism – the unique art of transforming a small round fruit into something else entirely. The work we do provides us with a deeply gratifying life. We love the land, we love the vineyards and we love working with our remarkable teams who create magic in a bottle. Our unique blends embrace a lot of life's fun, and the result can be tasted in every bottle.

01South African Wine

The South African wine industry has gone from strength to strength, both in production volume, exports and quality over the last 20 years. Today, South Africa exports almost 50% of its wine.
The famous Cape Winelands are recognised for its Mediterranean climate, mountain slopes and valleys which form the ideal habitat for wine grapes. Long, sun-drenched summers and mild, wet winters offer favourable conditions for the production of varied and excellent quality varietals.

02South African Wine Accolades

South African wines consistently stand out at large and influential international wine awards and our vineyards are among some of the most celebrated across the globe.
Not only do we beat international competitors because of our stunning landscapes that boast both majestic mountains and sea views, but the quality of the wine South Africa produces is recognised by expert wine judges, including Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers, as best in class.

03Making South African Wine For The World

We know that the experience of fine wine is fundamentally personal and even emotive – it’s
attraction is centred around exclusivity, aspiration and quality, but most importantly, personal preference, which includes fun.
Our philosophy is to pick the best our South African vines have to offer and create exciting, unique and special wines that help our drinkers celebrate life the way they want to, whoever they are, and however they love most.

Meet theFounding Team

Our founders, Matthew Karan and Andrew Robinson love the challenge and satisfaction of being part of every step of our production process. And we know that those who drink our wines will appreciate their mindful approach to your nose and palate and enjoy the passion that goes into every bottle.


Produces of Wine AM Vineyards

Our single-minded purpose is to deliver an enjoyable wine drinking experience to be shared with good friends, family and food.

ExploreThe Men Behind The Wine

Produces of Wine AM Vineyards

Matthew Karan learned the art of farming within his family’s business, the largest producer of beef in Africa, servicing South African, African and global markets. His knowledge of global food and beverage trends, developed over more than 20 years, gives AM Vineyards an advantage over many other South African wine producers in understanding what the world’s palates will want, and when. Matthew is fully invested in responsible agriculture and firmly believes that every step in the production of wine can, and must, play a role in creating a sustainable business, but also sustainable ecosystems.

Andrew Robinson is an entrepreneur, with a much documented 20-year track-record in establishing, accelerating growth and improving the operating performance of a diverse portfolio of companies. His tenacious business reputation has grown across Africa, and more recently is expanding globally. Andrew has been actively involved in the production and global distribution of wine and spirits for more than 10 years. He is passionate about making a difference to the lives of people, a philosophy he carries through his personal and business endeavours and has firmly entrenched in the farming and production practices of AM Vineyards.